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Season 10 Bout Dates!!!

SEASON 10 only 64 days and counting!! How pumped are you!! Season Line up is as follows; Bonus Fun Bout: October 15th 2016 TBD Bout 1:  November 12th 2016 Camaro Harem VS CarnEvil Pink Pistols VS Hula Honeys Bout 2: December 10th 2016 Hula ... Read More »

WFTDA D2 Playoffs and The Bombers 2016

                  Don't forget to log on to watch the JCRG Bombers at the D2 playoffs in Wichita, KS on August 19th-21st. Stay tuned for updates throughout the tournament!!!  

JCRG Season 9; Awards and Recognitions.

  Throughout all seasons of derby, during half time, some skaters are recognized as MVP or MVJ for their efforts in the bout. Each bout has 2-4 skaters who get an award for their rock star performance. In ... Read More »