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JCRG Season 9; Awards and Recognitions.

  Throughout all seasons of derby, during half time, some skaters are recognized as MVP or MVJ for their efforts in the bout. Each bout has 2-4 skaters who get an award for their rock star performance. In ... Read More »

BomberCon 5! Register while you still can!

BOMBERCON 5! Registration for BomberCon 5! is up and running - so far we have skaters registered from 10 leagues from all over the NW and Canada! Remind your friends and skaters from other leagues to ... Read More »

Mortician Militia: Retiring #34

At the 5th bout of Season 9, we were sad but excited to remember and honor one of our leagues greatest, and most influential skaters. Morticia Militia!! During Half time of the bout, her teammates and close ... Read More »