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Derby Girl of the Month
RazorWreckHer- February 2013

Q: How did you come up with your derby name and what does it mean to you?

It’s kind of a play on “resurrect” which is a theme throughout my derby career.  I broke my ankle as a new skater and had some complications.  I surprised myself with the strength I found throughout the healing process.  At one point, I was in the Dr's office and he told me that I would have to have a port in my bicep and tubing running in a vein to my heart, so that the antibiotics could mix with my blood immediately.  My reaction was to laugh out loud.  Up until this point, it was so alien to think of myself as the type of person who would be comfortable with administering a daily IV, but I did it for 8 weeks!  I had and have such a passion for the sport.  I had a clear vision of skating again that propelled me throughout my recovery, throughout re-learning to walk.  When I was thinking of names I wanted something that paid tribute to my fight.


Q: How long have you been skating? 


I put my first pair of skates on September 2010.  I had to take a five month break when I broke my ankle.


Q: What committee do you belong to, and what is your function? 


I’m JCRG’s Treasurer on the Board of Directors.  I prepare the financial reports for JCRG internally and externally and work with an incredibly hard working financial team to make sure all of JCRG's books run smoothly.


Q: Why did you join derby?


I was looking for an aggressive team sport with a high level athletic component. I did not want to take on soccer, Seattle's other past time because I did not want to do a lot running.  Jokes on me, I cross train with sprints now and I love every laborious minute of them.  Also, joining derby made me accountable towards getting fit and staying that way.  In the beginning, the only way I could force myself to go to the gym is when I knew the pay off would show up in my skating skills.  Up until I started playing derby, my gym membership was a worthless expense.  Now, no matter how tired I am, I follow my cross training schedule.  And of course, it seemed like a great way to meet people.  You get into that school/work zone and those friendships promote talking about school/work.  I just wanted to talk about something else!  Everyone loves talking about sports!  People always have a unique relationship to some aspect of sports.

 I was directly recruited by Big Poppa, JCRG's League Coach.  I had looked up PFM a couple of times, but felt intimidated by the gear and skills requirements.  JCRG offered a chance to start from scratch.  Our New Skater program teaches you from holding on to the wall to bouting at Everett Community College.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of derby? 

I think that derby offers the rare chance to impress yourself--not only is it rare to find a sport that has so many new learning opportunities about strategy and skills, but since it's only about a decade old, the WFTDA is still refining itself.  With the new rule set, I find it fascinating that not only has the game play changed, but the skill set needed to play the game has changed as well.  It's unpredictable, organic, and challenging.   I love contributing to something that is evolving and feels new everyday

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