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   Camaro Harem 2 1
   Hula Honeys 2 1
   Pink Pistols 2 2
   CarnEvil 0 2

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Derby Girl of the Month
April 2013 - Morticia Militia
Number: 34

Team: Hula Honeys, Bombers

Position: any place needed

Favorite Drink: Ice tea (unsweetened, of course!)

Hobbies: Skating, socializing, reading, making stuff with GLITTER!

JCRG: How did you come up with your derby name and what does it mean to you?
MM: I love Morticia Addams. She's elegant and deadly. And I have a
militant approach to accomplishing tasks.

JCRG: How long have you been skating?
MM: Since March 2009

JCRG: What committees do you belong to, and what is your function?
MM: I'm on our External Affairs committee working on events and web
upkeep and I'm a member of the Board of Directors.

JCRG: Why did you join derby?
MM: It started as a reason to get some exercise and meet new people.
It evolved into so much more!

JCRG: What is your favorite aspect of derby?
MM: Watching women come out of their shells and realize that being
different is awesome!

JCRG: Any other information we should know about you?
MM: I'm obsessed with LEGOs!

People voted for Morticia Militia because:
"[Of her] undying devotion to JCRG."

"She is Awesome!""She's an invaluable member of this league and someone that is an excellent role model for what a kick ass derby girl should be!"

"Her energy for our league stands out! Thank you Morti!"

"She is a dedicated derby girl who is raising her game."

"Morti steps up for everything and contributes to this league in more ways than I can count. She also inspires the skaters around her with her determination and accountability."

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