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Emerald City Harley Davidson

Derby Hero of the Quarter
Summer Quarter 2013 - Kent Dutchdis
Kent Dutchdis has been named Derby Hero of the Quarter! People who voted for him said:
He has the best pants in roller derby...but seriously, he patiently explains rules to skaters in a way that helps
 you remember
I can't imaging skating without him there reffing or helping out in some way, but especially helping with my back! His skills are unparallelled & he will be missed!
Dutch is amazing. He has dedicated the last 4 years or more to JCRG and is committed to furthering roller derby and JCRG. Stay well, good friend. Stay well.
He is always there to answer a question. He is very knowledgeable. He works very hard for our sport.
Dutch helped me with my form and beginning skate skills so much while I was in BSL. He has great skate and ref skills. And he is always there and always willing to help fix up broken rollergirls.
Served Jet City for 4 to 5 years its going to be tough without him!
Always enthusiastic, patient, kind. Willing to explain rules. Volunteers for practices, extra scrimmages, etc. A huge asset to JCRG!!
Because he is super rad and so devoted to the growth and progression of Jet City.
This person (like all of the DEA) should be recognized for the years they have been with Jet City. 
He has been such a great ref and always has a smile and positive attitude. We are going to miss him dearly! :(
Dutch is an amazing person, skater and ref! He's always been so supportive of all skaters from BSL all the way to the Bombers. He KNOWS roller derby! And has always been there to help out with scrimmages and super helpful with all the random questions. Dutch IS a derby hero!
He has been a huge supporter and advocate for this league. His derby (and PT) skills make our league great!
Dutch dove into derby head-first and gave us countless hours of his time over the last few years. His commitment is admirable and I hope that he sticks around and that his Jet City family can continue to support him!

Congratulations, Dutch, and thanks for being such an awesome ref and volunteer!

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