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Emerald City Harley Davidson

Derby Hero of the Quarter
Herr Triggore - Fall 2013
Congratulations to our Fall 2013 Derby Hero of the Quarter, Herr Triggore!
"He works hard in the derby community and has helped out the Bombers a lot by coming to our practices, he also is the SR Co-Lead which is a really hard job! Thanks for your support Trigg!"

"Trigg is always helping explain rules and going the extra mile to help us all be better players. And he is just super awesome!!"

"Cuz he's a boss!"

"Trigg has been instrumental in the execution of rules and policies in our league. His work on the floor helps us to become smarter, faster, stronger, and his work in SR helps us to keep our shit together and functioning. Thanks Trigg for all you do!!!"

"Deals with all the drama!"

"He is always willing to clarify the rules and why a call might be made a specific way. He is also just a great all around person!"

"He knows derby rules and is patient with explanations...and he brings that same temperament to help teams as Co-Lead for SR. I am beyond proud to call him my husband--he has supported me through the highs and lows and excitement that is roller derby! (Plus he has always been right when he sent me to the box)."

"Trigg has been so supportive of the Bombers as well as the DEA's "continuing education." He is at every Bombers' scrimmage possible and is willing to talk about calls and their respective rules...and the good, the bad, and the ugly about them!"

"Very supportive and knowledgeable! And a great closet full of skates!"

"Trigg is very knowledgeable about the rules and has a very calm demeanor when presenting information. He's rarely wrong but is willing to admit when he doesn't know something. Super supportive of all the teams (including Bombers.) He's a great asset to our league and an all around great guy. Plus, he's always 'Living the dream'!" 
Response from Trigg: Needless to say I'm a bit surprised, flattered, and very humbled and the very kind words that were shared by the league skaters on the quarterly thing. I have the opportunity to support a league of athletes who put in their own time, money, and blood to compete in a sport they love, for a league whose focus is to give back to the community that supports it. Raising money for no-kill shelters, kids in need, etc. while putting yourselves in harms' way that is the full-contact sport of roller derby? I get to be a traffic cop for a league full of heroes. From where I sit, that's good stuff.

So really I'd rather thank the league skaters - not only for the kind words, but for continuing to give me an opportunity to be part of the system that helps everyone do what they do - which is skate, give back, and be great. I get to learn something new every time I take to the inside or outside of the track, and I get to interact with an elite league of skaters who are all unique and different, which is probably the coolest thing overall.

Plus hey, how many refs get to support the future inaugural Div 2 world champs? That's pretty bitchin'.

/steps off soapbox

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