Pleased to beat you


Getting lead jammer, grand slams, stars, a really good hematoma.


Gravel, runnning out of gas, having to sleep


Played soccer as a kid, and learned to play ice hockey as an adult. Started skating with Jet City when the league formed in 2006.


When Ivana was a little girl growing up in her native Hungary, she dreamed of owning a Camaro, driving fast and living the American dream. When she came to America, the opportunity presented itself when a team of Camaro-loving skaters saw her driving on a racetrack and they recruited her on the spot. She now spends her time skating fast and turning left. One day she hopes to skate as fast as she drives. Occupation by day: Middle School Art Teacher What inspires you?: Watching other skaters improve and this league evolve into what it has become today. It is amazing what a tribe of crazy, like-minded, and committed women (and men) can do.


2007 November Derby Girl of the Month, 2007 League MVP, 2009 Work Horse Award (Harem), 2010 "Money in the Bank" (Bombers), 2011 Most Inspirational (Harem), 2011 Unsung Hero (Harem), 2011 Most Points (Harem), March '12 MVP vs CarnEvil, April '12 MVP - vs Hula Honeys, May '12 MVP - vs Sockit Wenches, 2012 Most Points (Harem), 2013 Most Inspirational